7 Reasons Why You Should Collect Social Security at 62



As retirement approaches, many individuals face the decision of when to start collecting their Social Security benefits. One of the earliest options is to begin receiving benefits at age 62. While the full retirement age for Social Security benefits varies based on birth year, 62 is the earliest age at which you can claim them. In this article, we will explore seven compelling reasons why choosing to collect Social Security at 62 might be the right decision for you.

1. Early Retirement Dreams

Retirement is the much-awaited phase of life that allows individuals to pursue their dreams and passions without the burden of full-time work. By collecting Social Security at 62, you can enjoy an early retirement and make the most of the precious time you have.

2. Health and Enjoyment

At 62, most people are in relatively good health, and they can actively engage in various activities they love. Whether it’s traveling, pursuing hobbies, or spending quality time with family, starting Social Security benefits early provides the financial support needed to embrace a fulfilling retirement.

3. Reduced Financial Stress

Life is unpredictable, and unforeseen circumstances may arise. By collecting Social Security at 62, you can alleviate financial stress and have a safety net in place to handle any unexpected expenses or emergencies.

4. Locking in Benefits

While claiming Social Security early results in reduced monthly benefits compared to claiming at full retirement age, it also means you’ll receive benefits for a more extended period. Starting early allows you to lock in these benefits and potentially receive more in cumulative payouts over time.

5. Flexibility in Financial Planning

By choosing to collect Social Security at 62, you open up opportunities for strategic financial planning. With a consistent income stream from Social Security, you may be able to delay tapping into other retirement savings or investments, giving them time to grow further.

6. Uncertainty Surrounding Social Security

The future of Social Security remains a topic of debate, with concerns about its long-term sustainability. By collecting benefits early, you can ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to and not worry about potential changes to the program.

7. You’ve Earned It

After decades of hard work, contributing to Social Security throughout your career, you deserve to enjoy the benefits you’ve earned. Collecting at 62 allows you to savor the rewards of your labor and enjoy your retirement years to the fullest.


Deciding when to collect Social Security is a significant financial choice that can impact your retirement years. While claiming benefits at age 62 means reduced monthly payments, it offers unique advantages, including early retirement dreams, reduced financial stress, and the ability to lock in benefits for an extended period. However, it’s essential to consider your individual circumstances and consult with a financial advisor to make an informed decision.


1. Will I receive the same monthly benefit amount if I collect at 62 compared to full retirement age?

No, collecting Social Security at 62 results in reduced monthly benefits compared to claiming benefits at full retirement age. The reduction is calculated based on the number of months left until your full retirement age.

2. Can I still work and collect Social Security at 62?

Yes, you can work and collect Social Security at 62, but your benefits may be subject to an earnings test. If you earn above a certain limit, part of your benefits may be withheld.

3. What if I change my mind after claiming benefits at 62?

If you change your mind within 12 months of claiming Social Security, you may be allowed to withdraw your application. You will need to repay the benefits you’ve received, and it will be as if you never claimed benefits.

4. How can I estimate my Social Security benefits at different ages?

You can create a mySocialSecurity account on the official Social Security Administration website to access personalized benefit estimates based on your earnings record.

Social Security Website:


5. Is 62 the earliest age I can collect Social Security?

Yes, 62 is the earliest age at which you can start receiving Social Security retirement benefits. However, keep in mind that claiming early results in reduced monthly payments compared to claiming benefits at full retirement age.

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